Trainer JC Chaliz

JC Chaliz

JAMES “JC” CHALIZ licensed & certified by the World Class Kick Boxer Federation. JC a true warrior who has traveled the world trained, fought, and won championships. Martial Arts are his first true love of his life. This man is the very example of faith, determination and courage. JC grew up like most small slender kids being picked on, bullied was a daily tragic experience. However, JC amazingly turned his obstacles into strength and overcame this challenge. Not only is he a champion, but also he is our hero. This experience has empowered him to dedicate his life to teaching all the finer arts of martial arts, (Chien kun do.), kickboxing, self-defense and boxing. JC an “Elite Warrior” undefeated who lives humbly by example refusing to allow anyone to be a victim of violence.